When You’Re Too Tired For Sex

    By / April 21, 2016

    Sex is a healthy part of any romantic relationship. It brings two people closer together and allows them to share a bond that is meant to strengthen a relationship. However, there are instances when one or the other person may indicate that they are “too tired” to have sex. Granted, this is a common enough… Read more

    Sex: The Synergistic Energy eXchange

    By / February 1, 2016

    Rarely do we think about how exchanges of energy are passed from being to being, especially during sexual situations. But it’s something to consider when joining with another in lovemaking. During casual sexual encounters, most of us generally think that …

    What Sex Can Teach Us About Our Energy Future

    By / March 5, 2013

    The other story is sex. Sex is expensive, it is risky, and it requires two organisms—often three, in fact—to get together. It is a stunningly inefficient waste of time and energy, and it is extraordinarily dangerous. Most importantly, of course …

    Lack of energy and a flagging sex drive? Testosterone therapy may be the answer: Find out if you need the ‘Superman jab’

    By / February 2, 2013

    There were claims of lacklustre energy levels transformed, sex lives boosted, weight loss and muscle gain. So last February Peter booked an appointment with a private doctor in London’s Harley Street who specialises in such treatments. After blood tests …

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