Escorts from Kingston fully appreciate that many men have a boob fascination.

Men from all over the world seem to be fascinated by the size of a woman’s breast. Some men like them big but others like them small. There just doesn’t seem to be a happy medium.

I sat down and spoke to a group of Kingston escorts from One of the Kingston escorts said that she often tells men what doesn’t fit in their hands or mouths, is a surplus to requirements. I can see where this young lady comes from. She, like many other girls, has caught on to the fact that men do have boob fetishes and can’t let go of them.

Many escorts do wonder where this fascination starts. Here at Better Sex we decided to have a chat to our resident sex expert Dr. Annie Bliss to see if she could enlighten us.

Big Boobs or Small Boobs

Yes, Dr. Bliss said, it often seems like many men have a boob fetish. Some men do like and prefer a bigger bosom, and some chaps like it smaller. It probably goes back to their mothers. I am sure that if most men looked at their mothers, they would find that many of their sexual preferences are somehow reflected in their mothers. This certainly applies to boobs.

Men who were breast fed by a lady with very large boobs, do seem to prefer a lady with larger boobs. Also, men who were breast fed for a long time seem to have more of a boob fetish. They seem to really like big boobs and are also very found of “playing” with this part of a woman’s anatomy.


Most men, whether they like small or large, seem to like bras. They like to take them off and gently caress their partner’s nipples or bosom. Some women who suffer from sensitive nipples find this difficult to cope with. Many of their male partners complain that their girls come to quickly when they suck their nipples.

What do escorts think?

Most kingston escorts fully accept the fact that men likes boobs and do their best to meet their needs. A lot of escorts have special bras, and they quickly learn which bra a man prefers. On the next date most escorts will try to remember which bra a date preferred, and make sure they wear it.

Boob fetishes may not always be easy to live with but most escorts do appreciate that they need to make their dates happy in all departments.

Boobs seem to have fascinated men since the beginning of time. However many escorts like to play with a man’s nipples as well. They may not be as sensitive as a lady’s nipple but nipple licking can seriously turn a guy on.

Of course, most men do like to see a pair of nice boobs, and it doesn’t really seem to matter if those boobs are big or small, they just need to be boobs. I am sure there are many ladies out there who have come across men with boob or nipple fetishes.


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