Two weeks before I left my ex, I went out and a group of friends – Paddington Escorts

He did not remove the CD I requested or put it on the desired channel. It makes me so angry that I remember. He completely ignored my request. On the way home, we all decided to go swimming and continue the party, Paddington Escorts from says. Some of our friends decided to go home. We were all in the pool and the girl I kissed last night was obviously a bit wild, taking off all my clothes in the pool. My friend still teased him, grabbed him and threw him into the pool. It really drives me crazy, Paddington Escorts says. After all, this man lives in my house. He clearly doesn’t respect me. We all left the pool. This truly wasted girl sat on the stairs. His phone rang and I remember trying to answer it to make him sleep. Don’t let me call the phone. He took him to his “room”, which was the basement of my house, where he decided he would sleep every night after our daughter was born and stayed there for a while, Paddington Escorts says. I told his friend to see what was happening because they were there for a while. I remember that I really didn’t want to go there. When I see what I think, I can lose it. So I woke up with my brother and we started kissing. I think this person is not interested in me, why not. He fell in love with a naked girl who was drunk, why not. Well, my friend went upstairs and picked us up when we just kissed, Paddington Escorts says. He slipped into my face and threw me out of the oven. Because of the pure reaction, I hit his mouth. The shot couldn’t calm him down. His friends and brothers took their belongings and left me there. He stopped. I remember thinking, if I’m good tonight, I’ll leave it. I go, Paddington Escorts says. He beat me all night. He chased me and let me have sex with him. It was the most embarrassing experience in our entire relationship. I finally called the police when I couldn’t take it anymore. But when they arrived at my house, I was afraid to tell them that I was beaten, Paddington Escorts says. I was also scared because I knew I had met him once. I think I can go to jail. My whole body got sick the next day. I really suffered injuries to me. My hands, shoulders, legs, neck. I can’t watch because it’s a painful reminder of what happened to me. A few days later, the abuse was unbearable, Paddington Escorts says. He is very terrible to me. I feel very lonely, depressed and desperate. Sunday, before we left, we made sauces, meatballs and pasta. He invited friends together. I remember him saying how useless I was. And how did he go out with his friend and find a real girl? What is beautiful and loved to have better sex? I remember when I told him that he was fine. But if you want to do everything, bring your things and leave my house. He said he would never leave. He said if I left him and had another friend; Paddington Escorts says, he would kill me and my friend.

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