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there are many reasons why relationships don’t work out. Many people have no idea how this thing happened to them at all. I just realised that there are 5 possible reasons why couples broke up. my last relationship reallt broke my heart. I just regretted that If I had just been a great man it would be a great time together with a Leyton escort from I thought that she won’t give up to me. I thought that we could have that happily ever after but I lost it. I just lost the person that gives me anything in the world. for me that failed relationship with a Leyton escort taught me a lot of things in life and give me an idea to be more considerate next time. If you are in a relationship you must do your best to make this happier and not a waste of time. both of you must work on it and not just your partner alone. and sometimes that is the biggest mistake we done in our relationship.

Below are the top five possible reasons why people broke up and turns to a failed relationship.


  1. Time – time is really precious to let someone know that they mean so much to you. Giving your time to them made then feel loved and cared of. But sometimes we are just in our best during the new of our relationship like we give all the time we have in the world. but as time passes by things change and it’s not working anymore. You have many alibies now to spend time with your partner. for me it’s started when I got busy in work and didn’t think of Leyton escort at all. even in my free time I still don’t use it to make time with her.


  1. Communication- They said communication is the key for everything. a lot of people disregard this idea and just leave the person hanging. There are lots of people make their partner guess what’s wrong with them for you to get angry without a possible reason. Leyton escort always ask me to talk what was going on but I didn’t give time to her. And for that I just make Leyton escort upset and question herself.


  1. Foul mouth- I can’t deny that I got this attitude of saying bad things towards Leyton escort especially when I am tired or not in the mood. I express my anger towards her. I know that I’ve been hurting Leyton escort because of the bad words I tell her and didn’t realize it before


  1. Unappreciative- Leyton esocdt is a clingy person and alwys do her best to give my life reason to live but I waste it and didn’t see the little things she did to my life at all.


  1. Abusive- I know that I’ve become an abusive partner of hitting Leyton escort when I am upset. She gets bruises because of me and that hurts her so much and end up crying the whole night


it’s been a long time Leyton escort to realize that it’s time for her to leave me because I am not worthy to have such kind of lady

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