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STD’s are now so common that I make all of my partner get STD checks. It may sound over the top, but I think that we should be careful. A friend of my mom’s picked up and STD and she never dreamed about having to use protection after the age of 55 years. That really proves my point and I know that my friends here at Cheap London escorts from agree with me – we should all have STD’s checks. It is not only important for us girls at London escorts.


Not only are new virus and bacterium’s turning up all of the time, but the old are changing and evolving. Yes, it does not only apply to STD’s but it applies to many other illnesses as well. We can fascinate against many things, but most STD’s we cannot against. Just look at Zika. Like one of my Brazilian friends here at London escorts said – this is so much more than a STD. Not a lot of research has been done into the Zika virus and we don’t know what the long term effects are of the virus. The girls from Brazil here at London escorts have all been tested.


I don’t know how I feel about people who do not want to get a health check. Many of them are just sticking their heads in the sand pretending that it is not happening. That is not true at all. Things are happening to you all of the time, but most of us don’t want to know. One of my favorite dates at London escorts started to suffer from some strange symptoms health wise. It turned out that he had high cholesterol and needed to get it sorted out. He is not the only one of the gents that I meet up with at London escorts who has had a health problem.


One of my other London escorts gents that I used to see a lot of started to suffer from erectile dysfunction. He blamed it on stress and started to work a bit less. In the end he found out that it was down to his PSA level being high. It was obvious that he had a prostrate problem. Despite having been to the doctor several times, he had not asked for a PSA test. I know what gents are like, but you really should look after yourself. Not all of my London escorts dates are that good at looking after their own health.


All of my partners have had STD’s tests, and I have them on a regular basis. It is important to know if you have been exposed to something. There are plenty of clinics around London willing to do them discreetly and you do not pay a fortune. STD’s are important but you should also consider having other tests done. An important test is to check your vitamin B levels. If we don’t have enough vitamin B in our body, it can have some serious consequences. Many people who complain about feeling tired all of the time actually suffer from low vitamin levels. That is not good at all and it can lead to serious problems. Find out what health checks you need to stay healthy.

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