I would love to have a permanent girlfriend and companion


but many of the girls that I meet in London just want to have fun. My last girlfriend worked for Belmont Park escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/belmont-park-escorts and she gave me some insight into the modern female mind. Many of the girls at Belmont Park escorts are single and it sounds to me like none of them are really in a hurry to have serious relationships with men.


But what makes women put relationships on the back burner? Speaking to the girls from Belmont Park escorts, it was clear that a lot of it has to do with money. I must admit that I have met a lot of girls in London who earn more money than I do and I a pretty sure that it is one of the reasons. These days women don’t have to rely on men for their earnings anymore and I think a lot of them are sort of into hanging on their money. It is still hard to get a girl to go Dutch with you.

Also women stay in education for longer. A couple of the girls at Belmont Park escorts had been to university. It surprised me a lot, but it is clear that many of them were not interested because they thought that they could do better on their own. When I spoke to them, a couple of them were saving up their money to go back to education and get another degree. One of the sexiest girls at Belmont Park escorts was even thinking about going back into higher education and becoming a doctor.


Women also want to travel. I was surprised to meet a lot of girls at Belmont Park escorts who wanted to travel on their own. A couple of the girls that I spoke to even jumped on cruiseships and traveled around the world when they had some time away from work. I don’t know any guys who would dream of jumping on a cruiseship and sailing away but I guess that there is no reason why they should not be able to do so.

Also I noticed that a lot of girls like to live on their own. I am not sure why it has become so popular for girls to live on their own, but most of the girls I met don’t want to give me their keys to their apartments. It could be that they are getting worried about guys stealing stuff. Now that leads me onto the big question. Do women really trust men anymore? I am not sure that women trust men anymore. Sometimes I think that men have a really bad time in the press, and we seemed to have our name blackened for next to nothing. Perhaps that is the real problem or we might just be second class citizens these days. Sometimes I feel like I am becoming a second class citizen when I don’t need to be, and maybe we should organize a male revolution.

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