Sex is more important than you think

I had talked my husband into saving myself for our wedding night. He was a bit surprised but my cousin who worked for London escorts had told me that a lot of men were turned on by virgins. The same thing seemed to go for my man, and he loved the way we could have sexy fun without penetration. My friend at London escorts was a bit of sexual dynamo, and I loved her for it. What my husband to be did not know, was that I was bisexual.

I really wanted to say goodbye to that part of my life when I got married but I was not sure that I could manage without my friend from London escorts. She was one of the most open minded girls that I had ever met, and as we had a great time together. However, my man to be seemed to be a bit less on what he called “ that sort of thing” so I had decided not to say anything and kept my London escorts connection under wraps.Our wedding was only a few months away when I noticed that my fiance was becoming very frustrated. He kept on telling me that he wanted to explode inside of me, and I tried to hold him back. I really wanted to make the most out the last couple of months with my friend from London escorts. Like I said to her, I did not know if I had enough sexual energy for both my fiance and her.

She used to laugh and told me that she was sure that I did.A week later, I knew that my fiance could not take it anymore. He said that he was desperate to be with me in a real way as he called. I spoke to my friend at London escorts. She knew that I had made this pact with myself to break of my relationship with her when I had sex with him. As we talked on the phone, I knew I was going to miss all of the goods time we had, but I had to move on. She was okay about it, and told me that we would see what the future would hold.That night I had sex with my fiance for the first time.

I did not come as I was used to cuming with my friend from London escorts. But it felt good to have him inside me and it did not put me off, I had done blow jobs and stuff like that before, but this was the first time I had penetrative sex with a man. The next day I knew that to last, I would have to make our relationship more adventurous. I wanted our wedding night to be special and bought some great first time sex toys. As we danced our first dance as husband and wife, I caught a glimpse of my friend from London escorts. She licked her lips in a suggestive way and I thought that I could do with a little bit of that right now.

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