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Good sex is all about having the energy to have good sex in the first place. If you really want to enjoy your sex life, you need to get some exercise and at the same time you should eat well. When I worked for Cheap London escorts lots of my dates complained about that they felt tired and stuff like that. Listening to them, it was obvious that most of them did not eat very well at all. I kept telling that eating well gives you energy and the answer is not to have an English breakfast every day. It may be tempting but you cannot give into temptation all of the time.

Personally, I am really into healthy eating. The first thing that I eat in the morning is fruit and I know that it is gives me bags of energy. When you live in London, you need to have lots of energy. It is one of those places that can sap energy out of your very quickly if you are not careful. My gents at London escorts sometimes did not even eat breakfast. Like I kept saying to them, not eating breakfast probably made them exhausted for the rest of the day. Encouraging my gents at cheap London escorts to have something more than coffee for breakfast was not always easy at all.

Seafood is also really good for sexual energy. It is just packed with vital nutrients that can really set your sex life on fire. When I worked for London escorts I knew that I would need tons of energy so I only ate fish. Some of my dates at cheap London escorts at the time thought it would be the kind of diet that got boring. I can’t say that I have was ever bored with my diet at cheap London escorts. It served me fine back then and I am still totally addicted to seafood. We eat a lot of seafood in our family and it keeps us healthy.

If you want to improve your sex life, you should also dejunk your larder. White bread is no good at all as it does not have any nutritional value. Most of my dates at London escorts never used to worry about stuff like that. They were always pushed for time so they used to eat a sandwich or something like that on the run. It was always one of those ready made sandwiches from Boots or Marks and Spencer and probably did them no good at all. That is the kind of food I still stay away from.

Today, my diet still consists of mainly fruit,vegetables and fish. It keeps me really healthy and I have noticed that I have bags of energy all of the time. My special diet seems to keep me supersexy and that is just great for me. My husband finds it hard to keep up with me at times and I know that he enjoys an English breakfast at least once a week. We should all try to eat healthier. Not only would it improve our sexlives but it would improve our overall health as well. It is all too easy to eat junk, and sometimes you have to make an effort to eat a little bit healthier. Some people find that just too much.

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