When You’Re Too Tired For Sex

Sex is a healthy part of any romantic relationship. It brings two people closer together and allows them to share a bond that is meant to strengthen a relationship. However, there are instances when one or the other person may indicate that they are “too tired” to have sex. Granted, this is a common enough occurrence, especially among married couples and/or couples with children. A wife and mother who has been home all day taking care of children and housework can easily feel too tired to engage in sex with her husband at night. It isn’t that she doesn’t feel desire for him, but after taking care of family and home all day a woman can be left feeling exhausted and less than desirable herself. Add to that a woman who works outside the home as well, and the level of exhaustion is multiplied.

Speaking of work, a stressful and demanding job can easily play a part in disrupting the sex life of a couple. Either a husband or wife, or both, can be left with zero energy or motivation for sex following a long, difficult day at work. How many times have most of us come home from a day at work and wanted nothing more than a bite to eat, a hot shower, and a good night’s sleep? In those instances, sex can be the furthest thing from the mind.

A more serious issue, depression, can also cause a person to feel too tired to engage in sex. Sometimes that person doesn’t even realize that they are suffering from depression. They tend to write it off as just feeling “run down”, or “just not in the mood”. Depression can manifest as exhaustion, making the individual feel too tired for sex.

Illness can also cause people to be too tired to engage in sex. On top of symptoms that can make sex the least attractive thought in the world, the body can be just worn out from dealing with an illness and therefore there is no energy left over for sex. This can be the case for a few days following an illness as well, while the body is fully recovering and regaining its energy.

Being too tired for sex does not mean the desire for sex or the attraction to a sexual partner isn’t present. Unfortunately, if it becomes a regular excuse not to engage in sex, this can indicate a deeper, more serious issue that may need to be addressed.

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